Biomedical Chemical Peels

Biomedical Chemical Peels


ABOUT Biomedical products…

Our passion derives from proven dermatology products that have a real impact on skin and health. Extensive research and development by Dr Judey as well as the Department of Human Biology at the University of Cape Town has led to incorporate the first and very unique tertiary structure tissue-protective peptide technology, that promotes advanced cellular turn-over rates as well optimal skin densification and dermal hydration.

Intrinsic and extrinsic environmental factors are taken into consideration during the formulation of all cosmeceutical products. Some products are formulated specificaly based on the client’s or patient geographical location as skin oxidation rates differs from area to area.

How is this science applicable today?  What do we have to do to obtain skin cell harmony?

We need products that will address all the mechanisms of aging – a product of a “cosmeceutical” nature.  In other words applying a product that works on cellular and molecular level in order to be potently effective and safe and to ultimately stimulate a therapeutic response.


Chemical peels are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. There are three main types of chemical face peels, and each has unique benefits for the skin. The light chemical peel improves acne scars and skin texture, and reduces the effects of sun damage. The medium chemical peel improves acne as well. The medium peel also smoothes fine surface wrinkles, and corrects pigment problems such as age spots. The deep chemical peel helps treat sun-damaged skin, eliminates deep, coarse wrinkles, and can remove pre-cancerous growths.

Other Skincare Treatments include:

  • Bio-Glycolic Acid Peel
  • Bio-Lactic Acid Peel
  • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment


  • Chemical Peel & Micro needling x 6 sessions (SAVE R2000)
  • Chemical Peel & Micro needling x 4 sessions (SAVE R1000)
  • Hyper Pigmentation per treatent (x 4 sessions)